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ZapThink ZapNote on Hyfinity - Enabling Rich, Composite Web Applications

The ZapThink Take

Model-driven, declarative, Service-oriented composite application creation is becoming the gold standard for application tooling for enterprises who are implementing SOA. Correspondingly, RIAs that leverage rich user interface technologies like Ajax have become their own gold standard for user interface development. Hyfinity, therefore, is in a prime position for evolving the current state of Web applications by combining these two highly useful and valuable sets of capabilities into a single approach to the market.

The value proposition of Hyfinity's approach is straightforward: the increased productivity and time to value for Web applications that can consume and compose Services, both within and external to the local network. In addition, the current movement to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) bodes well for companies that choose the MVC product in that it aims to consume the entire spectrum of Services, regardless of location or owner. As SaaS and SOA continue to converge (a process that's already well underway), Hyfinity is well-positioned as an RIA platform and toolkit that can enable enterprises to take full advantage of the expanding universe of Services available to them.

Please read the full report: Enabling Rich, Composite Web Applications - ZapNote (pdf).