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Global Aerospace is the world's largest specialist aerospace insurer, covering most of the airline fleets around the globe. Acutely aware of the potential of the web, Global commissioned Wildnet (the definitive specialists in business processes for the insurance and reinsurance industry) to deliver an ambitious dream - a web services application to simplify the underwriting process, improve turnaround time, reduce costs, generate sales and grow market share. Wildnet delivered. The success of the implementation was underlined by being selected as one of five finalists in the prestigious E-Fusion 2003 award, which recognised outstanding uses of internet technology for the insurance industry.

Hyfinity worked in close partnership with Wildnet and is proud of the critical role it has played in supplying XML expertise to develop and implement a highly innovative solution on time and to budget.

Read further information on the Wildnet Case Study (pdf)


The partnership has been a very happy one, with Hyfinity's people working very much as part of the team. We have been delighted.

- Mark Birrell, CEO [Wildnet]