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WebMaker v4 released - WYSIWYG Designer for the Mobile World

We are excited to announce the release of WebMaker version 4, which boasts a significantly enhanced experience for Designers and Developers, focused around the new WYSIWYG Designer.

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WebMaker v4 - WYSIWYG Designer for the Mobile World

You have been telling us about the features you want to enhance your WebMaker experience and we have been listening. We rolled up our sleeves and have been very busy, turning your dream features into beautiful, juicy new design layouts.

Who says building enterprise web applications has to be boring? Cast your eyes over the new WebMaker WYSIWYG Designer and enjoy having all the powerful controls you need at your finger-tips. Instead of messing around with code, simply drag-and-drop and see your application come to life right before your very eyes.

Design Once, use on Any Web Device

What's more, you can rest in the knowledge that the application you are building is thin and lightweight, consisting of just HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Coupled with the hard work we've done to create a suite of CSS files and incorporation of the latest Mobile Media Query features, you can now build once and use on any device. Your application is not restricted to a PC screen, but will run on all popular mobile phones and tablets.

So, if you want to significantly increase your productivity, save yourself money and look like a Web Application Whizz, why not take WebMaker for a Test Drive.

Don't forget, if you need a pit stop during your evaluation, just get in touch. You'll find us fast, friendly and genuinely interested in solving your problem.

WebMaker v4 Release Notes