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WebMaker v3.1.2 released - Code-Free SaaS and Cloud Development

Hyfinity is pleased to announce the release of Hyfinity MVC WebMaker v3.1.2. WebMaker enables the development of code-free Enterprise Web 2.0 and Cloud applications for Web Designers and Business Application Developers. WebMaker has consolidated its capabilities to make it the natural choice for building business applications on the Web.

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WebMaker has been extended with the following key features:

  • Two Way Design - Enables rich Web Application and Forms to be developed as screen prototypes extended to consume data sources, or assembled directly from multiple data sources.

  • Complex Rich Widgets - The Studio now includes customisable controls such as: Collapsible Sections, Charts, Maps, etc.

  • Greater Styling flexibility - WebMaker enables faster styling changes to existing fields.

  • Various Productivity Features - Please refer to the release notes for full details.

For full details of the release please refer to the WebMaker 3.1.2 Release Notes.