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WebMaker 7 Launched - Including a brand new integrated Team Server for Productive Teams

WebMaker 7 now has the ability to setup Team Servers, which can be used to share and download projects. This module works in conjunction with the new integrated source control feature to provide useful project status information. These new features ensure co-ordination of project information across local and shared environments, providing visibility of user roles, project ownership state and current source control status at all times.

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This release also introduces a new auto-save feature. This feature tracks all save actions since the last check-in operation and can be used to revert back to different stages in the project history.

WebMaker 7 includes a simplified and extensible template creation and usage facility. You can now designate any project as a template that can be used as the basis for new projects, providing an accelerated starting point for many different project types.

If you want to test drive some of these new features, you can Download and try WebMaker today.

If you need assistance during your evaluation, just get in touch. Contact Us directly or through the WebMaker Forum.

WebMaker 7 Release Notes