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WebMaker 6 has Landed - Brand New Design Palettes for Cool Web Apps

WebMaker 6 introduces a new range of customised palettes for layout, alignment and sizing, enabling you to build faster and with more confidence.

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WebMaker now includes real-time thumbnails of your pages, providing instant visualisation of your application flow.

There are new colour palettes for managing different aspects of your page, making it easy to fine-tune your UI Design.

You can also include application-wide Headers, Footers and Menus, providing a complete environment for composing your Enterprise Web Apps.

The Studio now incorporates dynamic, fresh knowledge, at the point-of-need, enabling you to focus on your development at all times.

If you want to test drive some of these new features, you can Download and try WebMaker today.

If you need assistance during your evaluation, just get in touch. Contact Us directly or through the WebMaker Forum.

WebMaker 6 Release Notes