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UK Local Government - Integration takes off via Hyfinity OEM partner Lagan

As part of the local government drive towards greater efficiency and better customer service North Kesteven's council has rolled out Integration Adaptors from Lagan using Hyfinity MVC WebMaker to connect their Lagan CRM and Case Management system to key Revenues and Benefits back office applications.

Lagan integration adapters, based on Hyfinity technology, provide UK Local Authorities with the opportunity with which to make their back office applications more accessible to the contact centres and one-stop shops. This enables Councils to deliver better customer facing solutions and more efficient workflow and business processes.

Lagan selected Hyfinity for its ability to deliver automated and rapid Web 2.0 and SOA development. From both a business and technical perspective, the arguments for selecting Hyfinity's metadata-driven based approach as opposed to a traditional code-centric Java/.NET approach were compelling. Use of Hyfinity's technology has allowed Lagan to bring adapter products to market earlier and has also enabled more efficient ongoing product management and product maintenance using fewer internal resources than would have been the case had alternative approaches been taken.

MVC product can rapidly create fully transactional e-forms and rich web applications based on the 'consumption' of the SOA based Service interfaces being provided by the CRM and Case Management vendors, back office application vendors and other packaged application vendors. These Services are orchestrated together into a composite application that presents itself either as a transactional e-form or Rich Web Application, which client service teams use as part of their systems process driven interactions.