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Supply Chain Integration - Roll-out Completed Early

A European-wide Vehicle Ordering System has now been successfully rolled out nearly a year ahead of schedule. Dealers across Europe can check vehicle availability and place orders in real-time, directly interacting with the plant production schedule.

The system, constructed with Hyfinity's XML web services expertise, enables dealer access through web browsers. The ordering system has real-time integration using web services to the mainframe production systems to provide more timely information. The solution also provides a completely dynamic multilingual architecture, enabling the system to be deployed in new languages within hours.

Hyfinity's solution makes extensive use of XML technology and can be deployed on virtually any platform. Initially, the solution has been hosted on Microsoft's .NET servers.

There has been little development or maintenance effort for the solution since its initial go-live roll out in September 2002. This re-enforces Hyfinity's strategy to enable cost effective and agile web service solutions through reliable expertise.