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Service Delivery Transformation

Over the past few years many public sector bodies including local authorities have implemented CRM systems to manage service requests as part of the IEG agenda. To date the majority of these implementations have focused on simply recording service interactions and then passing requests manually to back-office teams.

However, significant efficiencies can be achieved, by performing the majority of full service transactions embedded within the CRM system at the point of initial contact. This is delivered by providing web-based services handling capabilities via the CRM that return information or transact with any number of back-office systems. Importantly the service interactions are synchronised in real-time between the CRM and back-office systems. In addition the same capabilities can be delivered through the web as self-service capabilities.

Hyfinity is leading the transformation of service delivery enabling a 360 degree management of the citizen and business interactions. Hyfinity is working with a number of key public sector partners to drive truly efficient service delivery.