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SaaS and Web2.0 Development Platform - Built in the UK, taking off in the US with 230% growth

2009/10 has seen strong growth for Hyfinity WebMaker sales, and in particular in the US. Total growth for license and maintenance worldwide was 76%, but the US was the region to beat with 230% growth.

Steve Bailey, Co-Founder said,

Hyfinity's WebMaker RAD Platform delivers a strong proposition reducing development costs to about a third of what our Customers have planned for building their SaaS based Web applications. WebMaker's design and deploy studio removes a considerable amount of the effort involved in modern Web 2.0 applications.

Hyfinity WebMaker provides eForm tool simplicity, to deliver traditional web development capability. WebMaker does not deliver just simple web forms, but entire complex web development requirements. This results in significant reduction of the overall development cost for complex enterprise Web 2.0 applications.

For further specific details on the MVC WebMaker release, please refer to the MVC WebMaker Factsheet