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No Code, No Mess
Just Drag-and-Drop

SOA Composition Features

WebMaker rapidly delivers XML-centric Web Applications and eForms that present, capture, process and report information from real-time transactional web services. MVC WebMaker is ideal for delivering composite web applications that seamlessly integrate with CRM, Human Workflow, BPM tools, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology and existing Soap, Rest or SQL data services.

What does it do?

MVC WebMaker is based on modern accessible and rich web standards - XHTML, CSS, XSLT, Ajax, XPath, XML, SOAP, WSDL. But, it only requires basic web development skills to deliver transactional self-service web applications.

MVC WebMaker benefits from 100% visual 'drag and drop' studio, standardised web page processing, Double-A accessibility compliance, rich usability, powerful controller semantics and full UI orchestration of multiple service interactions. All these capabilities are uniquely delivered without any form of coding: script, proprietary language, java, etc.

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Rapid automation through schema-driven development

Using a schema-driven development approach MVC WebMaker can automate many of the mundane development tasks associated with traditional development tools and frameworks:

  • Accelerated development through native XML, SOA and Rich Ajax support

  • Automatic generation of web pages

  • Automatic generation of Accessible and Rich UI controls

  • Automatic data binding between Browser Page and Services

  • Automatic generation of validation logic

  • Automatic generation of web service proxies (provides interactions with SOA services)

Why is it better?

WebMaker has an underlying platform and studio that is better suited for the tasks of capturing, processing and presenting standards-based XML data, and does not require any code at all to implement complete web applications. MVC WebMaker enables web pages and forms that can be plugged into CRM, CMS, Human Workflow, BPM, and Portal applications as well as delivering self-service web based solutions.

MVC WebMaker uses a very different approach compared to traditional forms development tools by harnessing the power of XML and related technologies such as WSDL, XSD and XPath. MVC WebMaker is capable of automating all the labour intensive tasks associated with forms and web application development. Using schema-driven development techniques, MVC WebMaker can be used to automatically generate web reports or forms, validation logic, value conversions and dynamic data manipulation logic. This removes at least 60% of the effort associated with traditional Web Development. All this is enabled without any need for 3GL code, through simply configuring business rules to process XML documents.

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