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Just Drag-and-Drop

PxP v2.4 - Rapid Web Services ... No Code Required

The Power of PxP (Peer-to-Peer XML Web Services) becomes clear when developing real world business solutions. When you start exchanging XML documents between service-based Agents, PxP demonstrates significant agility over other web services tools.

PxP Version 2.4 introduces some significant features, which greatly enhance productivity:

  • New Business Rules GUI - Brand New "RuleMaker" Web Interface for Business Rules - Highly productive with Document Tree-Views highlighting content matched by Rules. Automatic validation as you type XPaths. Highlights valid matches dynamically for greater rule integrity.

  • XMLSPY Integration - New, Copy, View, Edit, Test XML Documents from the Hyfinity Studio directly to XMLSPY.

  • Rapid Deployment - Enable automatic deployment directly from Business Rules screen. Automated Deployment - Application Server refreshed automatically after deployment of any changes.

These powerful features enable a rapid assembly and construction that delivers unrivalled time-to-market and reduced cost of development.