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PxP v2.0 - Web Services Simplified

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PxP is a truly distributed web services product that enables communication between different organisations and business processes.

The latest release provides enhancements in many areas, including:

  • More powerful Business Rules: XEngine provides the ability to define business rules dynamically for any Intelligent Agent. One of the enhancements to XEngine enables business rules to be distributed across process and organisation boundaries using intelligent web services. For example, upon receiving an order from a customer, the ordering process may wish to check for availability of the stock as one of its business rules. The stock check can be defined as a business rule, but the physical location of the stock control system may be another department or another company. Using PxP, this type of cross-process and cross-organisation communication can be setup very quickly. The difference with PxP and traditional systems is that these business rules can be modified 'on-the-fly' without major re-development.

  • Enhancements to XGate: XGate provides PxP with its inter-process and inter-company communication mechanism using a host of protocols. This equips PxP with very powerful communication and integration possibilities.