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PxP Exploits IBM Patterns for e-Business

Why Best Practice Patterns? Throughout its history, the computer industry has devoted an inordinate amount of effort to reinventing the wheel. However, the Internet and XML have introduced a common open medium for communication. More importantly, the Internet has evolved into a powerful business tool, a place where companies get real work done, establish real competitive advantage, and generate growth and profits. While the Internet with XML web services has created an entirely new paradigm for the assembly and construction of e-Business Solutions, successful companies require sound proven business models to take advantage of this new medium.

What are Best Practice Patterns? Patterns for e-Business is a methodology developed by IBM with the aim of helping senior executives plan e-business system architectures. The need for such a methodology is considerable because e-Businesses have evolved to such a point of complexity that it is almost impossible for a chief executive to keep up to date with all essential features.

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Patterns are a set of re-usable architectures that guide the implementation and extension of e-Business applications. Based on the vast experience IBM has acquired from more that 20,000 e-Business engagements, Patterns for e-Business can fast-track implementations and reduce the risks associated with developing e-Business applications by:

  • Matching business challenges with Business and Integration patterns.

  • Using proven Application and Runtime patterns.

  • Populating the Runtime patterns with pre-tested runtime product mappings.

Hyfinity's PxP Platform allows these best practice patterns to be utilised within a service-oriented architecture in order to simplify the complexity of e-Business solutions. The Architecture enables Intelligent Web Service Agents to be configured based on business process patterns.

More information on Business Patterns can be found in the IBM book 'Patterns for e-business: A Strategy for Reuse', and the IBM website.

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