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Patented Declarative Assembly Approach

WebMaker is based on the patented Morphyc Declarative Assembly Approach, specifically designed for On-Premise, SaaS or Cloud environments.

The WebMaker architecture is based on XML, Web Services and SOA. This architecture is known as the Morphyc Architecture. The architecture is designed to simplify the complexity associated with the development of new composite business application solutions. Morphyc can be used to build systems that are highly flexible and cost efficient. The architecture is founded on native XML technologies that enable its power and flexibility through drag-and-drop studio, which entirely removes the need for Java, .NET or 4GL coding.

The Morphyc architecture has the following advantages:

  • Platform and Programming Language Neutral - There is no requirement for Scripting, J2EE, .NET or 4GL coding. The only elements required are XML-based, which are the common thread of all environments today.

  • Rapid Data-Driven Construction of solutions using XML or SQL schema-driven patterns, saving time and cost

  • Open Declarative Assembly approach - All application elements are constructed based on open W3C standards.

  • Thinking in XML! - An XML-document centric assembly approach.

  • Applications created with any vertical XML industry standards. Most of these vertical industry standards are free and can be readily re-used. This saves a significant amount of analysis and development time, saving costs.

  • Solutions are tailored to customer needs without obsolete functionality. This is better matched compared to packaged products and provides all the flexibility of a bespoke solution - "best-of-both-worlds".

  • Business Oriented development. The Morphyc architecture removes the technical complexities associated with large distributed solutions and enables focus on the business problem.

  • No legacy foundations. Constructed "from the ground up" using native XML and Web Services technology.

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The Hyfinity solution based on the Morphyc Architecture is one that answers many of the problems facing businesses today.

- Michael Thompson [Butler Group]

A short overview of the Morphyc Architecture is available in the Morphyc Architecture Fact sheet (pdf)