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Just Drag-and-Drop

MVC v2.6 - True SOA contract first development

MVC Version v2.6 enables the rapid development of dynamic data-driven web applications and transactional e-Forms based on XML schemas (XSD) and Web Service Descriptions (WSDL) Contracts. Web applications can be assembled without any code through a drag and drop studio.

For further product details please refer to an Overview of MVC.

In recent customer projects productivity over traditional development approaches has been 4 times more productive than traditional development approaches.

  • Design by Contract - Enable Web Pages and Forms to be defined from XML schemas (XSD) and Web Service Descriptions (WSDL) Contracts. This enables generation of full validation, data bindings and web service interaction. This also removes the need for complex XSL transformations.

  • Rich Internet Applications - Enable Rich User Interface capabilities, but whilst maintaining full accessibility.

  • Rapid Web Assembly - Enable real-time, event-driven transactional access to enterprise information with true service-oriented assembly.