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MVC v2.5 - Web Applications powered by Web Services

MVC Version 2.5 is a native XML service-oriented web application and forms design and deployment platform. MVC enables the rapid development of on-line web applications based on XML schemas (XSD) and Web Service Descriptions (WSDL). Web applications can be assembled without any code in a fraction of the time associated with traditional development approaches.

For further product details please refer to an Overview of MVC.

MVC Version 2.5 introduces some significant features, which greatly enhance productivity:

  • New Business Rules GUI - Brand New "RuleMaker" Web Interface for Business Rules - Highly productive with Document Tree-Views highlighting content matched by Rules. Automatic validation as you type XPaths. Highlights valid matches dynamically for greater rule integrity.

  • XMLSPY Integration - New, Copy, View, Edit, Test XML Documents from the Hyfinity Studio directly to XMLSPY.

  • Rapid Deployment - Enable automatic deployment directly from Business Rules screen. Automated Deployment - Application Server refreshed automatically after deployment of any changes.

  • New Business Rule Actions - "Compare" two XML fragments in order to establish if they are the "same", similar" or "different". Extremely useful for comparing "before" and "after" details.

  • Productivity enhancements - Ability to base page content on a Schema, an existing page or a template. Ability to clone web page/form details with appropriate data bindings. Extensive field sensitive help providing step-by-step advice. No need for XML instance files - Option to generate examples from the Schema used for the Web Page/Form.

  • Enhanced Documentation - More examples on "How To ..." examples within the Documentation. Enhanced Search features.