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MVC WebMaker v3.1 released - Fast and Easy Web Development

Hyfinity is pleased to announce the release of Hyfinity MVC WebMaker v3.1 available from 16th November 2009. WebMaker enables the construction of Enterprise Web 2.0 and SOA based applications for Designers and Business Application Developers without the need for coding. WebMaker has consolidated its capabilities to make it the natural choice for building business applications on the Web. Hyfinity's WebMaker enables highly scalable enterprise web applications to be constructed with designer rather than programmer skills.

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WebMaker has been significantly extended with the following key features:

  • Desktop type UI Controls - Enables rich Web Application and Forms creation with sophisticated UI controls.

  • Drag & Drop Multiple Data Sources - The Studio has been greatly enhanced to enable the automatic creation of two-way communication with SQL Databases, Web Services and Rest Data Sources and/or Transactional systems without coding.

  • Web 2.0/SaaS Publication - WebMaker enables multiple publication environments to be configured for the web applications/forms created.

  • Full Bi-Directional Language Support - WebMaker enables web applications to be created that support Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Thai.

  • Third Party OEM Embedding - Various enhancements have made it easy for 3rd party products to embed WebMaker into existing software suites to provide rich form and web application capabilities.

MVC WebMaker delivers full RAD platform for web application development in a Platform, Language and Environment independent manner. For full details of the 3.1 release please refer to the MVC WebMaker 3.1 Release Notes.