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MVC WebMaker v3.0 - RAD Platform launched

Hyfinity is pleased to announce the launch of Hyfinity MVC WebMaker v3.0 available from 28th August 2008. The product has been re-branded to MVC WebMaker to add clarity to its full capabilities. It is a major innovation in the construction of Enterprise Web 2.0 and SOA based applications for any traditional Web Designer or Developer. MVC WebMaker's agile model-driven approach has been extended to enable simpler evolution from existing development approaches for Web Applications and eForms that don't easily integrate with SOA, REST and XML based requirements.

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The new product range enables existing J2EE, .NET and/or Web Developers to easily deliver XML-powered web applications without the deep knowledge levels needed for traditional approaches to consume XML based resources. Hyfinity's Visual Studio delivers high productivity for web applications that are powered by service-oriented web services, REST services, XML Repositories and SQL Databases.

WebMaker has been significantly extended to provide simple integration with existing Platforms, Frameworks and Data Sources. Some of the key features are:

  • Fast RDBMS Integration - An easy rule definition for SQL database processing

  • Easy Java Extensions - Plug-in of business and integration tier needs by consuming existing Java components/apis

  • Parallel Processing Performance - Call multiple services at the same time

  • Improved Flexibility - Support for various 3rd Party XML processor suites including Intel's new XML Suite

MVC WebMaker delivers full RAD platform for web application development in a Platform, Language and Environment independent manner.