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MVC 2.8 Release - Productivity break-through

Hyfinity has released the latest version of its MVC RAD Platform (v2.8), which includes a range of new features and significantly improved performance and navigation capabilities. With its well-known schema-driven page creation capabilities, coupled with automatic data validation, data bindings and auto-generation of remote service calls, MVC is the most productive Web Development tool available for the SOA age. MVC is the fastest and easiest development platform for the composition of Enterprise Web 2.0 applications based on SOA Services.

Below are details of some of the key highlights of the Hyfinity MVC v2.8 release.

Productivity features include:

  • Extend UI Controls with any Ajax Widget Toolkits e.g. Dojo, Prototype, JQuery, Ext, Yahoo, etc.

  • Accessibility and Rich Ajax 'Gracefully Fused'

  • Automated Data Bindings for Multiple Page/Form Actions and Services

  • Web Oriented Architecture with easy REST support

  • Design and Deploy within seconds

For full details of all release features read: Hyfinity MVC v2.8 release.