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Large US Health and Well-Being organisation


This project, the first under the terms of a global contract, used Hyfinity's MVC to rapidly compose a new Customer / Contracts Management system as a Feature Rich, Web based application that was the client's first enterprise scale, SOA based application development. The new rich internet application was constructed entirely with the composition of Web Services.

The Customer / Contracts Management system is a mission-critical application for the enrolment and management of Customers and their Health Plans. With over 17,000 users of the system, Hyfinity's MVC has proven its competitive advantage in terms of a highly scalable architecture and also as a rapid development technology, as the whole project went live in just 5 months, from the point at which Hyfinity was selected.

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Major SOA Vendors found lacking

We spoke to all the major SOA vendors about UI tools. None had what we wanted. Then we found Hyfinity with its MVC product. Since then we haven't looked back. The strangest part is that although we recognised Hyfinity's technical superiority from an early stage, we were reluctant about engaging with a UK organisation due to concerns about support.

The technical superiority and the financial models were compelling for us and once we decided to engage Hyfinity in our evaluation process we also discovered that they have a very personal touch to their support. Their support has been excellent - equal to the quality of their technology.

Hyfinity's innovative Web User Interface development technology has enabled us to capitalise on the benefits of our new SOA environment and deliver major new applications to the business in record time and cost.

- IT Director [Large US Healthcare Organisation]

Client Key Objectives

To select the appropriate technology there were 48 detailed selection criteria based around four major objectives:

  • Leverage SOA strategy: Web services based, feature rich, enterprise strength application delivery.

  • Rapid development capability: meet aggressive business timescales for new application roll out and time to value.

  • Reduced development effort: tool based approach to provide consistency and efficiency amongst multiple development teams.

  • Ease of ongoing application maintenance: tool based approach versus traditional custom Java development.

Key Selection Criteria

The key reasons for the selection of Hyfinity's WebMaker were:

  • Web based design and deploy environment

  • Codeless application composition environment

  • Ability to create and modify business rules 'on the fly' without incurring massive redevelopment

  • AJAX integration

  • Automatic data binding

  • The ability to automatically integrate with Web Services (WSDLs and Schemas)


We had a vision for our SOA environment, which included standard components such as BPM. However, we identified a key element that is often overlooked, but is critical to the success of SOA applications. Rapid User Interface development capabilities, assisted by the ability to reuse XML assets such as WSDLs, without the need for intricate coding expertise is key to more efficient and consistent development.

This is where Hyfinity's MVC product really excels and also provides easier future maintenance of large applications. We now have a product that enables our onshore and offshore teams to design and assemble SOA applications rapidly without the need for coding.

- Enterprise Architect [Large US Healthcare Organisation]