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Lagan highlights dramatic ROI of 'First Touch Resolution' powered by Hyfinity

By integrating Lagan's Enterprise Case Management (ECM) solution with a telephony system from MacFarlane and using Lagan adapters powered by Hyfinity technology to link revenues and benefits from front office to back office, Argyll and Bute Council in Scotland:

  • will see a saving of the equivalent of 8.5 full-time employees - a cost reduction of £765,000 over five years

  • is fully satisfying 90% of calls at the first point of contact

  • has reduced the volume of lost calls from 25% to just 4%.

Despite the complexities of its geographical situation, Argyll and Bute Council has implemented a series of initiatives that count as firsts in Scotland, and has emerged as a benchmark council for others. Spread across 2,765m2 of Scotland's beautiful and often dramatic west coast, the council covers six main towns and 26 inhabited islands housing a dispersed population of over 91,000. It is Scotland's second largest local authority and boasts more than 2,700 miles of coastline.

Lagan has a global OEM contract with Hyfinity to build and roll-out CRM Integrations to back office applications, using Hyfinity's Enterprise Web 2.0 platform. The product can rapidly create fully transactional e-forms and rich web applications based on the 'consumption' of the SOA based Service interfaces being provided by the CRM and Case Management vendors, back office application vendors and other packaged application vendors.

For full case study details please read: Lagan - Argyll and Bute Case Study (pdf)