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Lagan - CRM Web Integration Adapters

The development approach taken by Hyfinity with the MVC product is seen by Lagan to offer significant competitive advantage that will enable Lagan to capitalise on its market leading position.

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MVC is used to create transactional e-forms, query and list web pages based on the 'consumption' of the Web Services interfaces being provided by each back office vendor. The work is at the forefront of the National Adapter Club's drive to 'open up' back office applications in order to help local authorities more radically change business processes to deliver greater efficiencies.


Lagan Technologies faced a restriction in their ability to grow their Public Sector CRM business as a result of the development cost to provide integration adapters to back-office packages. Lagan wanted web UI integration adapters for the primary Local Authority Revenues, Benefits and Housing applications provided by Northgate (SX3 iWorld), Capita (Academy) and Pitney Bowes MapInfo (Confirm).


Hyfinity's MVC web application development platform is used to build new 'web integration adapter' modules for accessing back office applications. Hyfinity's MVC enables Lagan to rapidly deliver fully transactional e-forms between 3 and 5 times faster and more efficiently than was previously estimated. The new modules will be 100% XML, which will reduce the ongoing maintenance effort and provide more flexibility.


We have been very impressed with Hyfinity's MVC technology. It has already shown itself to be a hugely productive development environment which produces industrial strength XML applications which are capable of modification and extension in a highly effective manner. Hyfinity has arrived at just the right moment to help us deliver our global expansion plans.

- Dave Moody - CTO [Lagan]