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Hyfinity's MVC WebMaker Enterprise Web 2.0, Cloud and SOA development platform offers huge opportunities for partners that need rich internet application assembly tools. Hyfinity has an indirect sales model, working with partners to develop effective solutions for their customers.

We understand that ISVs and Application Solution Providers are looking for tools to enable them to rapidly deliver accessible Web 2.0 applications as custom solutions. This may also encompass the need to embed a tool to replace non-standard client-server or browser plug-in based solutions.

ISV Solution - Delivering Web Forms and Applications Fast

Hyfinity MVC WebMaker can construct simple and complex web applications, deployed on-premise or in the cloud, without the need for any 3GL or 4GL coding. The product has been designed with the following in mind:

  • Application Flexibility Enable you to bring rich, accessible, complex web forms and application assembly capability into your own product, package or service offering.

  • ISV Customisation - Make it straight forward to integrate and/or embed into ISV packages

  • Fast Time to Market - Our aim is to get a joint product to market within weeks or months, rather than years.

  • Minimal Investment - Customisation, integration and/or embedding MVC WebMaker can take from a couple of weeks to a couple of months of investment of your time

Customisation at all Levels

MVC WebMaker has extensive capabilities that allow the web application's look and feel to be tailored to individual ISV requirements. This will allow users to create web forms and applications that match your own product's user interface and styling standards.

The user can customise UI widgets, event processing, business rules processing and service calls to other systems.

The deployment can be customised to suite your exact application or package needs.

Finally, for significant OEM opportunities the Design Studio itself can be extended to meet seamless integration needs.

Highly attractive commercial terms

For qualifying partners, Hyfinity can offer very attractive commercial terms on products and services. Our standard pricing model offers a number of 'concurrent user' or 'CPU based' pricing models for licensing the software for resale or as an OEM. Hyfinity can also offer a simple percentage royalty fee based of the ISV product pricing.

Access to Resources

Hyfinity's focus is to provide top quality support to get our partners productive as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on our customer support, through both our community forum and direct service contact. Our mission is to enable our customers to obtain the best support that suits their way of working, whether self-service, phone and/or web based meetings.

Hyfinity employs leading architects, consultants and software engineering professionals. Our professionals are highly experienced in the design and construction of enterprise Web 2.0 rich internet applications, ranging from simple workflow forms solutions to SaaS scale web applications for global blue-chip organisations.

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