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ISV Partners

WebMaker can construct simple and complex web applications without the need for 3GL or 4GL coding. WebMaker has been designed to make it straight forward to integrate and/or embed into ISV packages. It enables you to bring rich, accessible, complex web forms and application assembly capability into your own product or package.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or Application Package Vendors embedding Hyfinity technology within their Customer software solutions.

Handysoft - Business Process Management (BPM) Provider

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HandySoft Global Corporation is a leading global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Tasking and Compliance software known as BizFlow®. Organizations use BizFlow to model, execute and optimize process-driven applications, leading to decisive returns in business productivity, agility and compliance. Because BizFlow is the first and only BPMS that can dynamically initiate workflows without prior modeling, organizations can start projects fast as well as seamlessly integrate dynamic tasks within formal process models to drive visibility, control and productivity across all work that happens in an organization. HandySoft is headquartered in Virginia with distributorship throughout North America, Latin America, EMEA and APAC regions.

The market today wants to replicate the desktop experience into the Web environment. By combining process design and execution in BizFlow with the RIA capabilities of Hyfinity's MVC WebMaker customers will be able to create 21st century composite applications and Mash-ups that result in fast, flexible, anytime applications for streamlining structured and unstructured business processes.

- Caffrey Lee, VP of R&D [Handysoft]

Lagan - Public Sector CRM and Relationship Management Solutions

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Lagan is at the forefront of the transformational government programme, as a leading provider of innovative, cost-effective CRM, 3-1-1, relationship management and shared service solutions for the public sector. They are the leading supplier of CRM solutions to UK local government - selected by one in every four local authorities. Over 95 public sector organisations in the UK and US have selected Lagan. They serve over 10 million citizens.

Lagan Technologies has a global OEM contract to roll-out CRM Integration Adapters to back office applications. MVC creates transactional e-forms, query and list web pages based on the 'consumption' of the Web Services interfaces being provided by each back office vendor. The work is at the forefront of the National Adapter Club's drive to 'open up' back office applications in order to help local authorities more radically change business processes to deliver greater efficiencies.

We have been very impressed with Hyfinity's MVC technology. It has already shown itself to be a hugely productive development environment which produces industrial strength XML applications which are capable of modification and extension in a highly effective manner. Hyfinity has arrived at just the right moment to help us deliver our global expansion plans.

- Dave Moody, CTO [Lagan]

Pitney Bowes MapInfo - Location Intelligence (GIS) Provider

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Pitney Bowes MapInfo is the leading provider of location intelligence solutions, integrating software, data and services to provide greater value from location-based information and drive more insightful decisions for businesses and government organisations around the world. MapInfo's innovative solutions help customers use location intelligence to enhance their performance and decisions in many ways by meeting a diverse set of needs - from asset management and network planning, to site selection, risk management and "what's near me" mobile applications.

MapInfo Government Solutions team have a new range of products, which deliver a next generation GIS Platform for Public Sector, Utilities and Insurance. MapInfo uses Hyfinity's MVC web development platform to build a open standards based metadata model manager for these new products. MVC will create accessible transactional e-forms based on the 'consumption' of the Web Services interfaces based on open standards such as: UK Gemini, ISO19115 and US FGDC. The work is at the forefront of MapInfo's global drive to adopt open XML standards for Geographic Metadata information.

The OEM agreement with Hyfinity means that we can offer leading edge metadata services to our clients. MapInfo has long recognised the importance of and supported standards based metadata, now we can really put the standards to work!

- Steven Feldman, UK Managing Director [MapInfo]