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Hyfinity is becoming defacto choice for fully integrated eGovernment transformation needs

Lagan and Pitney Bowes MapInfo have global OEM contracts with Hyfinity to build and roll-out web application solutions using Hyfinity's MVC technology product in record time. MVC product enables rapid creation of fully transactional e-forms and rich web applications based on the 'consumption' of SOA based interfaces being provided by front and back office application vendors. There are already well over 30 successful implementations in local government.

Hyfinity has implementations working with the following front-office solutions:

  • CRM - Lagan Enterprise Content Management

  • CRM - Oracle Siebel On-Demand and On-Premise

  • Enterprise Portals - such as Microsoft SharePoint

  • Self Service Websites - Web Content Management Systems

Hyfinity has implementations working with the following back-office solutions:

  • Revenues and Benefits - Northgate iWorld and Capita Academy

  • Housing - Northgate iWorld

  • Environmental Services - Mayrise

  • Streetscene Services - MapInfo Confirm

  • GIS and Gazetteers - Pitney Bowes MapInfo Envinsa & Stratus solutions, CAPS Uniform Land and Property Gazetteer