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Handysoft - BPM Excellence with WebMaker

In April 2010 Handysoft released Hyfinity's WebMaker product embedded into Handysoft's BizFlow Business Process Management (BPM) Suite. The combined product known as BizFlow WebMaker enables BPM customers to deliver sophisticated web forms and applications rapidly without the need for any Java, .NET or 4GL programming.

Handysoft has sold to over 40 customers across the globe, with at least nine live case studies. These successes include the Gold Award for BPM Excellence awarded to the US Department of Energy's Web-Enabled Loan Application, the first ever award to a Federal organisation. Hyfinity's WebMaker was fundamental in enabling both the Internet facing Portal Web Forms directly integrated with Microsoft Sharepoint and BizFlow BPM, as well as internal based forms within the BPM solution.

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The following are documents providing further details on the 2010 successes:


We never implemented a work flow application without programming. Using BizFlow's WebMaker and Web Services Component Activity we were able to easily integrate with our clients ERP system. This is a first for us.

- Kevin Sims, [TrintyWave a HandySoft Partner]