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HPI - Leading Vehicle and Financial Intermediary

The client is a well-known infomediary, providing detailed vehicle information to consumers, motor dealers, finance houses and many other communities. The client has a highly networked business, relying on numerous external organisations for key information assets. Hyfinity® PxP provides the ability to obtain and disseminate this information, whilst simplifying the construction of complex business processes.

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The client has to source and upload massive amounts of vehicle information from organisations such as the DVLA, Police National Computer (PNC), The Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders (SMMT) and numerous financial institutions. This information is used to provide accurate responses to queries from other organisations and individuals.


The client has a large number of B2B interactions and numerous processes for acquiring, filtering, validating, updating and disseminating information. Handling these interactions individually is a highly complex task.


The client used Hyfinity® PxP to integrate business processes with it's service-oriented approach. PxP models the complete business and process interactions and the messages that are interchanged as part of these interactions. PxP's dynamic business rules determine when and how the information should be uploaded and disseminated.

Key Features and Benefits include:

  • Model of how client's processes interact with other organisations

  • Definition of the information exchanged between processes

  • Definition of intelligent business rules to source, validate and upload information to client's database

  • Intelligent business rules are also used to determine how the information is disseminated to external parties

  • Auditing and tracking information for processes enables detailed reporting