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Fast and efficient business process integration for Transformational Government

As part of the local government drive towards greater efficiency and better customer service, Richmond-upon-Thames council has rolled out an Integration Adaptor from Lagan using Hyfinity MVC technology to connect their Lagan CRM and Case Management system to the MapInfo Confirm back office application.

This enables street-works to be reviewed and new jobs to be recorded that are synchronised between the two systems. This allows contact centre staff to offer quick and simple services via their One-Stop centres.

Lagan is at the forefront of the transformational government programme, as a leading provider of innovative, cost-effective Enterprise Case Management solutions. This includes CRM, Customer Contact Centres and Case Management, Shared Services and Social Services in the UK as well as Human and Social Services and the Single Non Emergency Number 311 markets in the US. They are the leading supplier of CRM and Case Management solutions to local government worldwide and over 140 public sector organisations in the UK and US have selected Lagan.

Lagan has a global OEM contract with Hyfinity to build and roll-out CRM Integrations to back office applications, using Hyfinity's Enterprise Web 2.0 platform. MVC can rapidly create fully transactional e-forms and rich web applications based on the 'consumption' of the SOA based Service interfaces being provided by the CRM and Case Management vendors, back office application vendors and other packaged application vendors. These Services are orchestrated together into a composite application that presents itself either as a transactional e-form or Rich Web Application, which client service teams use as part of their systems process driven interactions.