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No Code, No Mess
Just Drag-and-Drop

Enterprise Web 2.0 Applications

Web technologies can deliver great advantages such as: global reach, 24x7 access, common look and feel, no client deployment costs, simpler upgrades and so on.

Quality self-service websites deliver highly cost-efficient business transactions for an organisation. Hyfinity's technology enables your organisation to deliver complex business transactions with web applications designed with a 'user-centered' experience in mind.

Increased Productivity

Hyfinity can enable you to deliver transactional web applications in a fraction of the time associated with traditional web application development. Our customers normally experience 63% development savings.

Hyfinity's technology has been designed to enable the codeless composition of web applications from one or more business systems by consuming reusable services or databases. This delivers productivity at an unparalleled level compared to traditional programming approaches.

Traditional web application development requires a large number of low-level and expensive skills to deliver rich and accessible web applications. A typical web application will require 10+ detailed skills such as: XHTML, XML, JavaScript, Ajax, JSP, Java, PHP, .NET ASP, C#, VB, Flash, Flex, C++ and so on.

Hyfinity's codeless visual assembly tool removes the need for any of these programming skills and replaces it with a service-based, declarative specification style. This is much more a 'compose' rather than 'coding' driven approach. This provides considerably greater productivity through automated generation and better quality applications.

Open, Accessible and Usable

Hyfinity enables you to simplify complex, multi-step processes in a single, dynamic user interface that provides anytime, anywhere self-service to your customers. Hyfinity enables enterprises to create personalised, dynamic applications that dramatically enhance user experience and increase customer satisfaction. As Hyfinity's technology delivers 100% open standards based web applications they run in all major web browsers. This enable your organisation to reach any audience of customers, partners, and employees with rich, accessible content and interactivity.

Hyfinity's MVC WebMaker is a unique, codeless approach to delivering rich, accessible transactional web applications harnessing a pure services-based approach.

Fast, Efficient and Easy

What organisations need to achieve is a strong balance of the following key factors:

  • Rich, fast and easy development for both 'user experience' and SOA composition

  • Robust, scalable and low cost for web application development

  • Fast, flexible and cheap on-going maintenance

  • Standards Compliance for accessibility regulations and open standards

Rich Internet applications (RIAs) focus on providing these capabilities in order to deliver Web 2.0 and Enterprise Mash-ups. This is achieved through visually attractive and efficient browser-based application experiences, low cost deployment and fast, easy codeless application delivery. Hyfinity is the only technology provider that can deliver enterprise-scale applications that meet these requirements.

Hyfinity's MVC WebMaker is a unique, codeless approach to capturing, processing, and presenting information, that integrates multiple transactional services and data sources in real time. Hyfinity dramatically simplifies the development of Rich Internet Applications for Enterprise Web 2.0 and SOA environments.

Unparalleled Delivery

Hyfinity's technology delivers applications that possess:

  • Rich Web User Experience - Deliver desktop-like functionality without the traditional cost of programming web applications

  • Multiple access-channels - Web Self-Service, CRM/SCM and Mobile delivery

  • Real-time Integration - Consumes services from multiple business systems

  • Highly Scalable Applications - Deliver greater scalability, performance and reduced cost than client/server applications

  • Rapid Delivery - Easy to transition 3GL or 4GL teams as a result of codeless approach

  • 100% Open Standards - No Browser plug-in dependencies and no proprietary coding languages

Taking our own Medicine!

Hyfinity believes in it's technology to the extent that the MVC WebMaker product is built with itself. This enables us to deliver productivity for ourselves and our customers and ensures that we keep the product moving forward in terms of usability and productivity.


We had a vision for our SOA environment, which included standard components such as BPM. However, we identified a key element that is often overlooked, but is critical to the success of SOA applications. Rapid User Interface development capabilities, assisted by the ability to reuse XML assets such as WSDLs, without the need for intricate coding expertise is key to more efficient and consistent development.

This is where Hyfinity's MVC product really excels and also provides easier future maintenance of large applications. We now have a product that enables our onshore and offshore teams to design and assemble SOA applications rapidly without the need for coding.

- Enterprise Architect [Large US Healthcare Organisation]

We have been really impressed with Hyfinity's MVC technology. It's shown itself to address all requirements for productivity, openness, and flexibility and will now be used on our next generation product developments. Its certainly great timing for both companies!

- Mike Exon - Technical Development Manager [Pitney Bowes Business Insight]