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Deliver Rich Web Clients and Accessibility

Version 2.4 features deliver the unique capability to generate rich client user interfaces with sophisticated usability features, but with full Accessibility (WAI and Section 508) compliance.

Hyfinity's MVC product is a native XML service-oriented web application and forms design and deployment platform. MVC enables the rapid development of on-line web applications based on XML schemas (XSD) and Web Service Descriptions (WSDL).

Version 2.4 introduces the following key features:

  • Rich Browser Applications that switch dynamically depending on whether scripting is enabled. Client Side Script driven features e.g. validation, data conversions, events - dynamically switched off when scripting is disabled, and applies server-side processing

  • Full automated W3C WAI Compliance - Addition of fieldsets option, scope attribute support

  • Ensure Forms validate 100% against W3C standard validators - XHTML, CSS, WAI-AAA

  • User defined dynamic styling based on content of data e.g. Actual data shaded, financial figures red/amber/green, etc.

  • Extended automated Model-driven pattern provision and cloning - Operational Data Store: File system and SQL DB as well as Web Service (WSDL Import)

For further product details please refer to an Overview of MVC.