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Customer Case Studies

Handysoft - BPM Excellence with WebMaker: First ever US Federal Government Gold Award for BPM Excellence awarded to the US Department of Energy.

Large US Health and Well-Being organisation: US Healthcare giant replaces mission critical legacy application with RIA + SOA solution in just 5 months!

Lagan Technologies: Lagan roll-out Integration Adapters to back office applications.

Nissan Motor Manufacturing: Hyfinity delivers automated business processes to drive massive efficiencies in global automotive supply chain.

ABI - MIAFTR2 Anti-Fraud System: The new system was delivered for a third of the cost and on time.

HPI - Leading provider of Vehicle and Financial Information: Networking information providers to create on demand notification services.

e-Fire National Project: HM Government identified the need for clear guidance with specialised XML and SOA expertise.

Wildnet - Insurance and Reinsurance Technology Solutions: XML and Web Services Insurance solution for Global Aerospace.