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Contact Centre Automation

Over the past few years many organisations have implemented CRM/SRM systems to manage customer service requests. To date the majority of these implementations have focused on simply recording service interactions and then passing requests manually to back-office teams. Many organisations still need to use a number of incompatible distinct systems to perform even the basic customer service requests.

Legacy systems prevent efficient Service

The vast majority of large enterprise call centres are still reliant on legacy mainframe systems to perform service requests. Unfortunately, most of these systems were not designed to suit the needs of plugging into CRM/SRM solutions commonly used today. Most were built in the 1970s and 1980s and require separate security, customer identification and functionality. The key problems are inefficiency of the call centre agent with longer call times and a poor service experience for the customer.

Many of these legacy mainframe systems have been stable and low-risk for decades. Many organisations are reluctant to replace these systems due to the scale, complexity and lack of detailed knowledge of the systems.

However, today these systems can be simply wrapped and exposed as a set of web services and then consumed to create modern web application components that can be seamlessly plugged into the CRM/SRM solution. This enables the operational efficiencies to be improved along with the customer experience.

Delivering Efficient, High Quality Service

Hyfinity is focused on delivering full business process automation by fully integrating front and back-office systems. This is achieved by delivering a single customer-centric view of multiple system information repositories and transactional systems.

The key benefits of this type of solution are:

  • The user feels that they are using one application, although information and functionality is consumed from many systems

  • A common master customer data store can be used across many systems

  • Ensures consistent handling of service requests

  • Reduce the need for data entry duplication as a customer requires a number of service requests

  • Introduce the capability to cross or up-sell

  • Share functionality with Self-Service channel

Hyfinity's MVC WebMaker is a unique, codeless approach to automating contact centre processes by integration CRM/SRM solutions with multiple business information and transactional systems.


We have been very impressed with Hyfinity's MVC technology. It has already shown itself to be a hugely productive development environment which produces industrial strength XML applications which are capable of modification and extension in a highly effective manner. Hyfinity has arrived at just the right moment to help us deliver our global expansion plans.

- Dave Moody - CTO [Lagan]