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Hyfinity is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), focused on simplifying Enterprise Web 2.0 and SOA application development. Our WebMaker RAD platform enables organisations to rapidly build and deploy accessible and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) without coding. Our approach delivers rapidly by automating mundane developments tasks and reusing readily available XML information models in a declarative codeless manner.

We have customers worldwide and we are known for our innovation in rapid web application development tools for building Rich Internet Applications for Service-Oriented Architectures. We work with our customers and partners to ensure solutions are designed and developed rapidly without compromising quality and scalability.

Hyfinity is a software company focused on Enterprise Web 2.0 and SOA Development

We have global enterprise customers, resellers and OEM partners delivering mission-critical solutions including:

  • Dynamic data driven Self-Service Web Applications and eForms

  • Feature rich, Ajax based high transaction e-Commerce & Internal solutions

  • Contact Centres - CRM integration with existing Line of Business systems

  • Service-oriented Web Application development for COTS Package Developers

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your specific project requirements or learn more about WebMaker product and how it can help accelerate your next web development project.

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Hyfinity's solution is at the critical hotspot at the intersection of RIA and SOA, and heralds the future of rich, flexible applications created from compositions of services.

- Jason Bloomberg [Zapthink]

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The Hyfinity solution based on the Morphyc Architecture is one that answers many of the problems facing businesses today.

- Michael Thompson [Butler Group]

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Hyfinity has arrived at just the right moment to drive the web services surge ...

- Peter Abrahams [Bloor Research]