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Citizen Self-Service

Some public sector bodies including local authorities have implemented basic eForm capabilities to record some service requests. However, the fast majority of existing implementations using eForms tools simply generate an email to a back-office team.

Significant efficiencies can only be achieved if the service requests are integrated to both the CRM and back-office systems. This requires the citizen, business, property or location to be matched/validated against the master information repository e.g. CRM, Gazetteer. The service interaction can then be automatically recorded into the CRM and respective back-office systems.

This approach ensures a fully integrated service delivery through each of the access channels: face-to-face, phone or website.

Unlike many other approaches available, Hyfinity focuses on retrieving or updating data within the appropriate repository/system of choice.


Hyfinity have exceeded our expectations in terms of their knowledge and experience in implementing SOA utilising e-GIF compliant XML web services.

- Chris Carlton, Technical Architect [HM Government, Fire Gateway National Project]