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No Code, No Mess
Just Drag-and-Drop

Business Process Automation

Accelerating Time-to-Value for Dynamic Web Forms and Process-Driven Applications

Creating a clean, fluid and dynamic User Experience is absolutely essential in delivering successful BPM projects. The User Experience combines the UI with interactions between systems and processes to automated routing, approvals and transactions. It is also the chief mechanism for capturing data for reporting, dashboarding and analysis. And as a result, it is the most intensive step to application delivery and will consume approximately 40% of project resources.

WebMaker ensures a faster, safer delivery of your Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications through a process-driven, Rapid Application Development environment. As it provides a drag-and-drop studio for UI design and SOA-oriented composition, WebMaker will increase implementation productivity by 40%-60%. And since applications are not hard-coded, developers can change User Interfaces through simple clicks, drags, and edits, saving another 40%-50% in change management resources. Ultimately, WebMaker will deliver cleaner, richer User Experiences while saving organizations greater than $150,000 in resources annually.

WebMaker provides the following technology benefits:

  • Use drag-and-drop, SOA-based studio to rapidly design and deploy applications

  • Leverage out-of-the-box controls (e.g., forms, layout, group, composite, work item handling) to create rich, clean, flexible forms

  • Easily edit field details (e.g., labels, styles, visibility, events, data constraints, values), data bindings (e.g., XPath guildelines, data constraints) and rules (e.g., rules, conditions, actions, pulls, namespaces)

  • Automatically generate web applications from schemas and web services with as much as 60% less effort with no 3GL code or scripts required

  • Increase productivity through schema-driven assembly using SQL, XML Schemas, WSDL, REST and XML data sources

  • Use all common browsers with zero browser footprint and no plug-ins required

  • Leverage existing J2EE, .NET and SOA components

  • Create open standards-based web applications and forms- W3C XML-driven web applications using XHTML, CSS, Ajax, XSLT, XPath, etc

Hyfinity's MVC WebMaker is a unique, codeless approach to delivering rich, accessible transactional web applications harnessing a pure services-based approach.


The market today wants to replicate the desktop experience into the Web environment. By combining process design and execution in BizFlow with the RIA capabilities of Hyfinity's MVC WebMaker customers will be able to create 21st century composite applications and Mash-ups that result in fast, flexible, anytime applications for streamlining structured and unstructured business processes.

- Caffrey Lee, VP of R&D [Handysoft]