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Application Modernisation

There are many organisations that have been reliant on mission-critical business systems built ten, twenty to thirty years ago. The business environment has changed dramatically since that period, but unfortunately the legacy systems have not evolved at the rate required. Many organisations have also seen significant growth in the use of multiple incompatible systems as their businesses have expanded.

Many of these core legacy systems suffer from the following challenges:

  • Designed as monolithic silo solutions that don't expect to interact with other systems

  • Poor user interfaces not designed with rich, efficient 'user-experience' in mind

  • Lack of independent task-based workflow

  • No real-time integration with other core business systems

Enterprise Web 2.0 >>> Fast

Hyfinity's technology solution can deliver organisations lower technology costs, faster time to market, and leverage their investments in information by migrating critical business processes away from legacy, 4GL and client-server based applications such as Oracle Forms, Microsoft .NET or IBM Lotus Notes.

Access to a new generation of 'Enterprise Web 2.0' applications for customers, partners and public consumers can be delivered without the need to learn new programming languages. WebMaker's visual drag-and-drop Design Studio removes the need for coding in Java, .NET or 4GL Code. Hyfinity's unique patented declarative approach has completely removed the need for traditional 3GL or 4GL coding.

Hyfinity can provide software and technical expertise to assist you in migrating legacy client-server applications to the Internet - without sacrificing functionality, usability features or performance. Hyfinity technology consistently saves a minimum of 60% against traditional application development and often up to 90% for more complex requirements.

Many of our customers have migrated to Web 2.0 and SOA architectures, from 4GLs or client-server platforms. In many cases there has been no need for in-depth training as there is no programming language to learn. Being able to transition 4GL or client-server expertise easily, is one of Hyfinity's strengths. Retain the business knowledge, and empower your team to deliver low cost rich internet applications.

This enables minimal distribution to the user base, but allows the economies of internet service-based deployment, with the introduction of RIA, Business Process Management (BPM), Workflow and Web Services as the foundations for the future.

Transition the Easy Way

Our customers have been highly successful at migrating to a full Enterprise Web 2.0 solution with existing 4GL, client-server or Web Designer skills. Our unique codeless approach means that developers don't need to learn lots of programming skills. Many developers have been up and running in days delivering enterprise applications within hours. The cost savings of such approach is considerable compared to traditional J2EE or .NET development approaches.

Hyfinity's MVC WebMaker is a unique, codeless approach to delivering Rich Internet Applications that reach across multiple system environments.

Deliver Truly Open Applications

Hyfinity's solution can deliver applications that have all the features, performance, and reliability of your current applications, along with all the deployment and maintenance advantages of zero-install, browser-based solutions. Unlike many other approaches Hyfinity's approach delivers web applications with zero browser plug-ins that mean applications can be public internet solutions as well as extranet solutions.

Unlike many alternative solutions your applications can be deployed to operate through multiple access-channels, internally or externally to the organisation. This enables on-demand application assembly costs to be dramatically reduced whilst delivering a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

Hyfinity's MVC WebMaker is a unique, codeless approach to modernising mission critical business systems with rich web user interfaces that interact with multiple business information and transactional systems.


We chose Hyfinity because of their integration skills as well as their approach to developing distributed systems that are fast and easy to roll out.

- Mike Wylie, Section Manager - Supply Chain Development [Nissan Europe]