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12 UK Council deployments of adapters using Lagan & Hyfinity technology within weeks!

Hyfinity is pleased to announce that 6 UK Local Authorities have deployed Lagan web-based Integration Adaptors linking their Lagan CRM and Case Management system to Northgate's Sx3 Revenues and Benefits back office applications. The integration adaptors were built under an OEM agreement for Lagan, using Hyfinity's innovative MVC rapid Enterprise Web 2.0 & SOA platform technology.

The councils include Argyll & Bute (delivered by Steria managed services), Bassetlaw DC, Bristol City Council, Hambleton DC, North Kesteven and Nottingham City Council (delivered by Capita managed services).

Lagan has a global OEM contract with Hyfinity to build and roll-out CRM Integrations to back office applications, using Hyfinity's MVC WebMaker Enterprise Web 2.0 platform. Under the terms of the agreement with Lagan, the transactional e-forms and Rich Web Applications seamlessly present themselves as part of the Lagan CRM and Case Management application. This enables a council's customer service operative to manage a customer interaction and account completely from within the Lagan system, including getting customer or query specific data, amending transactional information that may actually be located within a number of applications. This leads to more efficient and effective interaction processing and higher levels of customer service.

Lagan: Lagan is at the forefront of the transformational government programme, as a leading provider of innovative, cost-effective Enterprise Case Management solutions. This includes CRM, Customer Contact Centres and Case Management, Shared Services and Social Services in the UK as well as Human and Social Services and the Single Non Emergency Number 311 markets in the US. They are the leading supplier of CRM and Case Management solutions to local government worldwide and over 140 public sector organisations in the UK and US have selected Lagan.

Hyfinity: Hyfinity's mission is to simplify the development of Enterprise Web 2.0 and SOA applications. Hyfinity's technology is the only practical and highly efficient way to gracefully fuse Rich Client usability (Ajax), Accessibility and Service-Oriented composition for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Our platform enables Enterprise Mash-ups to be assembled that bring together Web 2.0, Ajax and composition of Service-Oriented Business Applications (SOBA) without the need for any coding.